jeudi 4 mars 2010

Things to do in......March

* Stars of March*

Clear your flowerbeds of any old stems, 'skeletons', leaves that have withered in the cold winter, get rid of any weeds that have borne the weather - all this before the March growth really gets going. You'll have a great start for the growing year.

Feed your shrubs and climbers. Find some slow-release organic feed which is released gradually as the soil warms up (it will, it will!). Scatter some bonemeal, seaweed meal or blood, fish and bone a square metre around your bushes and climbers and they will love you for it.
I found two suitable products at Leroy Merlin:

Lombricompost Tonusol - 8,95 Euros for 20kg and suitable for organic plantations

L'Authentique Or Brun - 8,95 Euros for 20kg, containing algues amongst other goodies

Both products contain 'fumier de cheval' - that's horseS*** to you and me! Look for 'terraux et amèliorants du sol' if you're searching

The hard work starts here, but you wouldn't put a paintbrush near a wall without preparing before so this is the garden equivilant of filling holes and sanding - boring but it's gotta be done! All that digging will warm you up anyway....

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  1. Hi Claire (it's Jennie from Message who is in construction),

    We have to get our potager going very soon. Should we use this fertilizer for that as well? If so, how much do we need?