samedi 20 mars 2010

A Living Wall in your Home

Here's a link sent to me by Diane.

Waterproof but breathable, flexible containers made from recycled materials for you to make your very own living wall. Lovely photos on the website and the naked women lying around are quirky (ok so that's got all the male readers clicking onto the link). You can use woolly pockets inside and out and it states they are waterproof so you don't need to worry about your floor getting mouldy or drips. Apparently because they are breathable, once the plant senses its roots getting towards the air, the plant automatically stops growing and this is called 'air pruning' - I'd never heard this term before. Careful not to overwater or use soil that is not absorbent enough, this will cause leaks. You can plant the pockets with any plant you choose.

An unusual solution for indoor gardens, tricky spaces (look at the shop front photo) or for those of you who really want a living wall at home.

ps they ship internationally

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