mardi 20 mars 2012

New Garden Furniture Truffaut

Dropped into Truffaut to check out the new garden furniture.  Here's some highlights:

Really beautiful marble mosaic table 145 Euros.  Large rectangular version available also.

'Mito' extending table  in metal. 1590 Euros in three colours - white, bronze or old iron.

'Syd' table in metal. 415 Euros.

Relaxing rocking chair for peaceful moments

I loved this huge recycled wooden teak table with metal legsand this sturdy bench.  Interesting planter detail on the bench but I'm not too sure about sitting on a bush at the table!  Maybe better with a 'standard' tree in it.  Bench 'Brighton' double 349 Euros.  Table seats up to 8 people.  Table 759 Euros.

Further detail of the table

Really unusual set in distressed, recycled, multicoloured wood from an old boat, with a grey metail frame.  I like this very much.  Table 219 Euros and chairs 99 Euros each.  Table seats up to four people.

Modern shiny table

Traditional teak table with very unusual inset detail where an extension to the table is inserted.  Very sturdy.  Truffaut claim that all the wood they use is FSC certified.  'Harmony' table 999 Euros.

Herringbone detail on teak 'Brighton' table 499 Euros.  Seats up to 6 people.

For those who prefer the dark lounge style for a verandah or covered lounge area in textured resin.  Armchair 99 Euros.  Sofa 199 Euros.

I hear from Maison France 5 that it is increasingly trendy to use garden furniture  inside and vice versa;  The garden really is becoming like the outside room with furniture that is worthy and not out of  place in your lounge.  Long gone are the days of white plastic bucket like chairs that crack and fester in the garden in winter and cause sweaty thighs and bottoms in the summer!  Even the plastic furniture is looking a bit more sturdy and stylish these days in a huge range of colours too.

5 commentaires:

  1. I am eager to see the new things for our outdoor spaces this year, but ironically as I say that we just had 20 cm of snow! Ah well, we shall soon be able to get out into our gardens and onto our decks.
    I must say my personal outdoor tastes are for natural looking garden furnishings, things that really look like they were made for outdoors, I do love the wood, I thought the refurnished looking boat wood one to be exceptional.
    It is always fun dreaming of what we want in our gardens isn't it?
    Great blog, enjoyed.

  2. Thank you! Keep coming...I loved the reused boat wood trio as well. I was in the shop yesterday and it still caught my eye. Hope you get rid of the snow soon. We are just cold and rainy here!

  3. Thanks for sharing pictures & information on Garden Furniture Truffaut.

  4. Love the marble mosaic table! Any chance you have a link for the large rectangular version?

    I do agree with your take on the Bench ‘Brighton’ double; the “bush” really seems out of place, and it would be better to just remove it so there’s extra room to sit in. I like the Harmony table and how you can adjust it when you need more space, plus the wavy design adds to its charm.

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