lundi 20 février 2012

New garden furniture at IKEA

Here we go, here's the first garden furniture of the year.  Some very reasonable and attractive pieces at IKEA.  Contrary to popular belief, some IKEA furniture is pretty resistant - I have a wooden IKEA table in the garden and it's been there for 7 yrs, apart from a stint as the dining table when I was 'between' tables.  It's still in ok condition and will last a few years still, although I should have oiled it more often.  If you're on a a budget, this is a great place to start to make your garden look pretty, stylish and to enjoy it to the full this summer.  Even if you have a small balcony, there's something here for you.

I particularly liked the imitation 'Luxembourg' chairs in bright colours, the very cheap round table and matching chairs, the pretty white bench and matching table and the taupe table with the pink lanterns and lavender display.

The photos are not great, sorry, I got stopped by a staff member as apparently photos are not allowed.  I'm always in a rush to take photos in IKEA.  Shame as I'm only saying nice things about them.....

I like this yellow one, very cheerful in the summer sunshine.

I think this little seat is unusual and it was only around 79 Euros

Liked the matching chest and side table with lounger

This is a very useful piece of furniture for a garden or poolside

These plastic chairs are very practical and I love the cool colours!

Simple for a small balcony

Something a little more traditional and elegant

A touch of black and green is modern

Pretty for 69 Euros the bench

I really liked this combination, particularly the colour and the bench that fits underneath the table.  The pink accessories are a good idea for a feminine look.

Nice comfy looking chair

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