dimanche 4 décembre 2011

Green Fingers are Good for your Health

As reported in 'Hello' magazine, Mind (a leading UK mental health charity) is calling for people to get outside to guard against the winter doldrums. Gardening expert, Rachel de Thame is quoted as saying 'At this time of the year it is vital that we all take advantage of the theraputic  effects of the great outdoors and look after our own mental wellbeing'. 

Mind has developed ideas as to how we can all get off our butts and build some 'eco-therapy' into our lives.


Their website reports 'Research shows that those who are more active have a greater sense of wellbeing and have lower rates of depression and anxiety. Even simple activities like taking a stroll in the park, or doing some gentle outdoor exercise can have big benefits for our mental wellbeing.  Improve your mental health by getting outside into nature.'

To further motivate you, they have an outdoor activity picker.


So, get out there into the garden or local park or square, feel the sun on your face, maybe the rain on your head and the wind in your hair.  Enjoy!

vendredi 2 décembre 2011

Une tour Eiffel végétale? Or not?

According to the free metro paper, 20 minutes, the engineering group, Ginger announced this week their project to cover the whole of the Eiffel Tower in plants.  Apparently from June 2012, 600 000 plants will cover the famous landmark and this 'installation' will last 4 years.

The plants will be suspended in pockets suspended from the metal structure.  A tubular watering system will ensure that the plants get enough moisture.  According to an ecological report, if this happens, the Tower's carbon emissions will be at zero because the Tower will absorb more CO2 than it produces.  The provisional budget for this project is projected at 72 millions of Euros.

The group who run the Eiffel Tower denied knowledge of the project.

According to Ginger's website, however, they are working on a plan to refurbish the first floor of the Eiffel Tower with, amongst other things, a glass floor replacing part of the famous structure designed by Gustave Eiffel.


I felt slightly sad that the living wall structure wasn't going ahead, after all if they can cover the structure in lights, why not plants?  à suivre.....