lundi 15 mars 2010

It's Livin' Thing!

Living Wall: a vertical arrangement of plants and other organisms that naturally removes toxins and unhealthy contaminents from the air. It can be an indoor our outdoor feature.

Out and about in Paris I chanced upon 2 living walls; thought you'd like to see them.

The recently created shop 'BHV for men' has one and the second one is in the Pershing Hotel just off the Champs Elysees. Two very gracious members of staff there allowed us a look at the wall and the interiors. Their wall has a sliding glass roof (like Wimbledon tennis) that covers the interior courtyard and slides open in good weather, so I noticed they had 'interior' plants climbing up theirs. Very interesting urban detail. Possible to do chez vous if you are really determined and a good gardener. Here's how to

Click on here to see the magnificent Pershing Hall Living Wall.

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