jeudi 27 octobre 2011

Autum is a very easy time of year to take a beautiful landscape photos - it's almost cheating because it's so easy.

Anyway, here's some pretty lovely images taken today.  I thought the grasses in particular were absolutely humming with colour and vibrancy.  Gorgeous!

Seen in Paris

Walking past an open gate in Boulogne I spotted this unusual display outside a lawyer's office (not usually known for their sense of humour or artistic tastes) You could definitely try this at home.  Not sure how to get hold or the oversize apple cores but certainly suspending pebbles on wire supports is do-able and a very cute way of displaying seaside finds.

mercredi 26 octobre 2011

Smart winter displays in this beautifully kept shopping village.  Simple but smart and will last throughout the winter.  Note the pots are always in groups of three.  Copy these displays for winter!

A little Tidy Up in Montrouge

A little tidy up in a cute garden space in Montrouge, Paris which made quite a dramatic difference.  I took up all the wooden tiles and put plastic underneath them so that the owner no longer needed to come back from her travels to find her space overgrown with weeds pushing their way through.  I suggested she put small evergreen bushes (Choiysa for example) in the border, with some bulbs to cheer up the winter gloom.  In this way, the weeds won't be appearing so much too.