lundi 1 mars 2010

IKEA Garden Furniture is now on sale!

Quickly passing through IKEA (well, as quickly as I could anyhow), I noticed that the garden furniture was on display already. They also have a good selection of planters, some new and naturally, at IKEA prices. Apparently there's a brochure due out any day that gives details of the garden furniture available and you can find it on line, but I looked and it's not yet available. Watch this space. For the moment, there's a table, chair and bench set available on line if you don't have the strength to visit the store. We've had an IKEA table, chairs and bench for 5yrs now and it stays outside during the winter, so it must be pretty solid. I give the furniture a coat of wood renewing liquid each year so it keeps it from going white in the sun. It is really the cheapest end of the market so if you're looking for something that doesn't cost the earth and don't mind replacing it in a few years (depending on how you look after the furniture), then IKEA is a good bet. They have quite cool designs too.

I took some photos of the new range but I was apprehended in the store, but still I manged to get quite a few. I'll be featuring them this month.

Will be looking out for other ranges and will keep you posted.

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