dimanche 22 mai 2011

DIY Living Wall (Mur Vegetal)

Ok, you've admired them from afar in shops, on shops, on new buildings, in restaurants, on TV, yes they are everywhere - Living Walls or mur vegetal are all the rage.  You've looked into the price and it's waaaay too high to ask a professional to come in and install one.  But you'd still like one?  Here are some ideas I've seen:-

This one is on sale at BHV on Rue Rivoli and is plastic so it would be fine outside.  The colour might be a little strident although it might look better once it was slightly weathered or dirty and the plants are hanging down covering the support.

This one is on sale at Alinea stores around Paris.  Each section is 45 Euros so it might be quite expensive to cover a large area.  I like the sombre colour better than the orange one although the cups that hold the plants are smaller than the one above and there is no gutter holding water below on the Alinea one.

This is a sort of hanging flower pot for inside.  The white would go well with a modern decor.

Voila!  You too can have a living wall.

Another DIY way of recreating a living wall is to cover an area of grill (a fence or a grill frame drilled to the wall) and hang lots and lots of flower pots to it using a special metal attachment on sale in most garden centres.  Then fill the pots with plants that drape or grow upwards so in the end, the impressin is that the wall is covered in greenery.  The great thing about this that it's not a disaster if one plant dies because they can be replaced individually and the pots can be changed around according to taste.

You can also do this by suspending a number of windowboxes together on a grill (we recently did this on a terrace I worked on and it looked great and was good because we wanted to keep the ground as free as possible, so suspending plants was a good solution).  Remember to use green or dark colours that don't clash with the support and that will blend in unnoticed behind the plants.  It is also nice to group types of plants together such as herbs or ferns for example.  This gives a nice effect.

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