mardi 9 mars 2010

Disappointments of winter

Gardening, for me, is all about trying new things and seeing how they succeed. I feel great when I see a plant or planting that succeeds - hits the right spot, well placed, happy, thriving.

However, to go with the successes there are bound to be some disappointments. This winter for example I purchased some beautiful cyclamens for the window boxes and the pots on the staircase. Pretty jewel colours, I was looking forward to appreciating them all winter. But it wasn't to be. Every single one perished, no matter how carefully I watered them. I was really disappointed. I wonder if it's the extreme cold or the wind, or just bad luck? All the plant info says 'hardy, easy to grow, light or shade, thrive in winter etc' Don't understand!

That's the other thing about gardening, there are no guarantees and sometimes there are no answers when things don't go right. Still, I'll be planting for spring at the end of March but I won't be buying cyclamens next winter.....Maybe I'll ask the cyclamen Society what I'm doing wrong? Amazing what you find on the web...;

ps the pansies are thriving, though, nice big colourful clumps....

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