samedi 11 février 2012

Buying your plants on line in France

This website has come reccomended.  I'll have a look and a dream about all the plants I'd like to order for the spring.  It's in French.  I had a little play and put all my criteria for a plant in a sunny border but the search found nothing! 

And planting  is really a dream at the moment as I look outside onto the poor wilting plants damaged by the extreme cold weather we are currently experiencing.  I fear for my lovely potted bamboos - they are looking very sad and almost dead.  They are meant to resist the cold down to -10° but I fear that in my garden, the temperatures have gone even lower with the wind chill factor.  I wrapped the oleander in fleece this year so I'm hoping it will survive.

Don't forget to water your plants, even in this weather, it's been very dry and the wind also dries out plants.

Bring on the spring!

3 commentaires:

  1. French plant names are so different to the ones the English use and to make matters worse they can have so many different names in France for the same plant, depending on the region etc! My web site uses latin and common English names (the whole site is in English) but I've been wondering whether I should try and translate into French too. Thanks for this post.

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