mercredi 16 mars 2011

Le Magicien de l'éphémere

Which, roughly translated means 'the Wizard of ephemeral'.  I noticed this this stunning little shop front in Rue Royale.  Lachavme, master florist since 1845, whose motto is 'excellence'.   I was stopped in my tracks by the smell of the jasmine in this display around the entrance - I literally walked past and back tracked when I smelled it, only to be met with these sumptous blooms in the colourful shop window.  If only my blog could do smell-o-vision!

I imagined sophisticated gentlemen ordering extravagant bouquets for their amour, beautifully decorated banqueting tables or society weddings overflowing with creamy roses......such decadance!

Have a look at the website and get yourself a floral screensaver from the 'goodies'.


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