mercredi 23 mars 2011

how do you know spring has arrived?

Two pics that sum up the arrival of Spring for me:- a gorgeous beaming forsythia in its golden prime.  I walk past this every day on the way to school and it cheers me up so much.  This garden doesn't get much direct sunlight but this plant gives a real ray of sunshine.

And just the previous week we had had hail and really cold temperatures but here's the Jardins du Luxembourg hoaching with people catching some sun at lunchtime.  Today I even had to queue to get into the gate I use normally.  It was lovely sitting on a Luxembourg Chair (see Fermob website) and overhearing passionate debates amongst students from the Sorbonne and Ecole des Mines whilst eating my sandwiches.

And the last clue is the smell, the smell of the ground warming up, the leaves opening, the fresh air and a certain change in the atmosphere.  Spring is sprung!

Ps Reason # 4 - the first blossom has arrived on our cherry tree, hurray!

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