samedi 5 mars 2011

Gorgeous garden tiles

Now the work has finished in the front garden, the huge deep trench has been filled, the hole in the road repaired and the steps into our house are destroyed (along with some of the garden), it's time to think about the future and finally I can start to act on those dreams and ideas I had for the space.  Up until now it wasn't worth making plans as we always knew that we would have to replace the drainage and deconnect the septic tank eventually.

Now we're free to dream again!  I spent a few hours tidying up, sifting stones from the soil, replacing a tree, replanting the box hedge, trimming the trees and box that survived today.  It's looking much better out there.

I have some idea of what kind of staircase I'd like to replace the old one, now we just need to find a creative stone mason to do it.  I've also long lusted after some beautiful tiles for the path.  From this company:-


Gorgeous cement tiles in jewel colours with classic-with-a-twist patterns.  We'll choose a border of smaller tiles in terracotta and maybe turqoise in the corners as a border (to match the terracotta bricks of the house and the turqoise ceramic decoration near the roof which was so popular in 1920's houses in this area).  Inside the border, I'd like each of the family members to choose their favourite tiles so that the design truly belongs to all the family and we've all had a part in choosing the path to our home.  I think paths are very significant things, metaphorically and physically - leading the way home, the first thing you see when you walk out of the door in the morning and what you look out onto from your home.  I love the butterflies, birds and frogs, dh, the figure with the ball and the cactus design,  the children some patterns, the lizards, turtles, birds.  It should be a really beautiful design.

Take a look at their website and see that there are some surprising effects with these beautiful tiles (the website is also in English).  Flick through the online catalogue and be amazed.  I don't see any designs outside so I'm checking with the manufacturers that they are suitable for exterior use.  I really hope so!,carocim,200397,15829.asp

Actually this article in Marie Claire Maison says they are suitable for outside and inside too.  Yipee!


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