jeudi 3 mars 2011

Green on the Rails

Travellers on the newest metro line - Line 14 - in Paris are surprised to pull into the Gare du Lyon station.  One has the impression of entering a rainforest jungle!

Catch the line and be amazed by this fabulous (and seemingly well kept) large garden on the side of the tracks., right next to the train.   Much nicer to look at than a wall full of advertising, and completely unexpexted.

Line 14 was only opened just over 10 years ago and it's the only line with driverless trains.  It's a very modern line, lots of concrete, glass and modern design of the stations.  If you take this line, try to stand in the front carriage right at the front where the driver's cab would have been (if there was one).  It's a great ride, fast and full of wind-ey tunnels and long stretches. where you can see the stations approaching from the darkness like beacons ahead.  You can even pretend you're driving.  Great fun, even for adults!

I always wonder who looks after this garden at the Gare du Lyon, whoever, they are doing a great job!  It's a pleasure to look at and really unusual in an underground station.

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