dimanche 20 février 2011

Zinc pots at Monoprix

You can tell that spring is going to arrive - the winter bargins are replaced by brightly coloured, light clothes in light fabrics that feel much too cold to wear right now! You can also see the new gardening ranges creeping out in cleverly located displays that make us all feel guilty that we haven't been in the garden for ages and make us want to get gardening.

Well, I had a moment like that in Monoprix!  They have the prettiest little zinc two handled troughs and cache pots in plain and green zinc, with a lace cut out border.  Really pretty.

You can see the table of 'green' which is mainly full of fake indoor plants, which are pretty good fakes in fact, and cute candle cactii.

And spring has even got its hands on the cushion range with these two lovely cushions.  I especially liked the thistle pattern which also appears on a cutting board.

It's not expensive in Monoprix and the good stuff goes fast and is limited, so if you fancy a injecting a bit of greenery (fake or real) into your home, it's just the ticket!

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