lundi 14 février 2011

My front garden :-(

We're getting connected to the sewers.  It's messy, muddy, dusty and there's rubble and workers everywhere.  I've been growing, pruning and caring for a box hedge surrounding the garden for 7 yrs and I have two robust slow growing bamboo plants that had reached a good, bushy size.  One morning with workers swarming over the garden, digging deep deep holes = garden destroyed, plants pulled up and tossed aside, even the robust bamboo.  I was pretty sad when I got home.  Nothing I didn't, in my heart of hearts expect, but the brutality was all too much.

After the hole was partly filled, I was able to partly save the situation by replanting the bamboo and even the hedge is partly back in place.  They were only out of the ground for 48hrs and even then they were resting in a huge mound of soil. but who knows if they will survive.  I'm watering a lot hoping to get the roots established.  Unfortunately there's also a whacking great grid in the midde of where the garden used to be so some creative solutions need to be found.  Here's some photos of my 'malheur'.

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