vendredi 25 février 2011

My Challenge for 2011

Watch this space, I am planning a big project for my blog - I'd like to visit ALL the squares in Paris and report back to you on each and every one of them.  Usually when you're looking for squares of Paris you can come across the famous squares and Places, but not tiny neigbourhood squares that are so vital to the community, offering a place to sit in the sun or shade, a place to relax, somewhere to eat your sandwich lunch, walk out with your children, your baby, your sweetheart or your friends.  The place you can pop into and see familiar faces, maybe a few ducks, definitely some soothing greenery and occasionally steal a go on the swings when nobody's looking!  It's those squares I'm interested in, the 'real' Paris, not the well visited tourist route. 

Let's see if I can meet my challenge, at least I hope to bring you some new and unusual places to visit that you might have's hoping!

In the meantime, here's the official Paris website, which is quite good actually.

Watch here for the unofficial version:-)

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