mardi 13 avril 2010

Before and after balcony

Here's a 'before and after' balcony that I worked on. It's in 12th arr in Paris. The client is a good waterer and will take care of the plants but wanted some inspiration, something easy to care for, colour and something scented. I provided plants that liked the sunny position, would fill out the planter and also give some height for privacy. Plus they are all evergreen or semi-evergreen so the planter remains green throughout the winter. I 'saved' a rosemary that was already there, hoping that it would like it's new friends - it smelled lovely in the sunshine. The neon purple flowers will grow over the side and along the planter in time, the choiysa should just be about to flower (and smell lovely) The cistus (low plants) will have white flowers in summer. I also planted freesia bulbs for colour and scent in the summer.

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