vendredi 21 septembre 2012

Bois et Fôret - the forest comes to town

Passing close to the Louvre metro station yesterday, I enjoyed a little exhibition on the courtyard there.  This space is often the site of exhibitions/shows/events so it's always worth taking a peek if you're in the area.  I love how this happens in Paris - suddenly there's an interesting show or something completely unexpected in a familiar place.

Anyway yesterday the space was host to 'Bois et Fôrets' organised by the Ministry of Agriculture.  They had mounted an impressive display of forest trees, furniture and were holding seminars and events based around the theme of employement in forestry.  Around the square there are some excellent photos of people who work in some of the many jobs in forestry.

Here's some pics:-

A Bee House and here's the youtube link to the advertisement.  The show is on until 23rd September 2012.

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