samedi 22 septembre 2012

Ding Dong - L'atelier du forgeoron, Villedieu-les-poeles

A fleeting vist to this little garden and the shop attached to the forge of Villedieu-les-poeles left me wanting to see the forge itself.  It's not a great garden, nor large nor a remarkable one.  However, it was very peaceful and the patina of these old bells, made in the forge, made me think what lovely unusual garden decorations they are, particularly when placed against the old mossy walls.  The deer and dolphin are a bit more tradition in terms of garden decorations, but they looked lovely all the same.

Here's a slightly bizzare video of a plant pot support designed and made in the forge with music so Frenchy!

The sign that tells you all you need to know

View of the beautifully designed fence and gates
 from the road
By the way my mother in law was born in this town.

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