mercredi 6 octobre 2010

Scores on the doors after September

I can hardly believe it myself but the tomato plants are STILL going strong, looking a bit more brown and certainly they have stopped growing, but there are still producing tomatoes, incredible, what an investment!

The scores on the doors at the end of September are:

Small one                393
Medium one             33
Mummy                   385
Daddy                      44
*Unexpected one      52

*I planted some seeds way back in March/April from a packet of chilli peppers.  They grew nicely in the pots, I thinned them and planted them in the garden all over.  So we now have a good crop of chilli peppers?  No!  They turned out to be largeish cherry tomato plants instead!  What a surprise.  I watched them as they grew and knew that the leaves were a bit similar in both plants but then the leaves started to smell of tomatoes, and lo and behold little green tomatoes began to form. 

The great thing is that they have matured much later than the plants that we purchased, so we have a longer tomato season.

In the supermarket, a pack of organic cherry tomatoes costs nearly 3 Euros and there are about 20 in each pack.  Thus, we have saved around 300 Euros in tomato costs.  This is enormous!

Final scores on the doors in mid October I expect.  It's a close race....

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