mardi 7 septembre 2010

Potager de Bercy Parc

On our long walk from the Gare du Lyon via the Promenade Plantée, we ended up in my favourite park in Paris (so far) - Bercy Park next to Cour St Emillion.  I found wonderful sights there!  The vegetable garden (potager) was in full fruit and flower and there were some very pretty displays in the park itself too.  I'll attach some photos.

One of the things I like about this park compared to others in Paris is the small personal touches and quirky ideas like the cane eiffel tower in the water and the really pretty oyster shell mobile in the veg garden.  It feels like there is a human hand behind the gardens, as opposed to some of the very municipal parks with their not very inspired, all the same planting, with their perfect rows and regimented flowers and plants.  Somehow I can imagine someone sat in Bercy Park and drilled the holes in the shells or knotted together those canes.  The planting is also quite wild and meadow like in places.  Anyway, without furhter ado, here's the photos.

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