jeudi 29 juillet 2010

Scores on the doors

Mum 27
Dad 0
Youngest 24
Eldest 25

We are so happy to have a constant supply of juicy cherry tomatoes. Every day I bring in a rich bounty - a large handful or two, which is really enough on a daily basis - this not only saves us money but gives us really tasty produce and the children are encouraged to eat them tenfold. Youngest was persuaded to eat 4 yesterday (after I had to cut them in two, I ask you - cutting cherry toms in two) but what the heck, here's hoping he'll get a taste for them!

This is a little windowledge I spotted in the 8th arr on Monday. There were two ledges the same, I thought the plants added a human touch to the prison like bars necessary for a ground floor flat in the middle of the city. See how a bit of simple greenery cheers up a dull windowledge.

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