jeudi 15 mars 2012

Living pictures or miniature living walls

Well here's an unusual idea for those who want a living wall inside but want something manageable and not too large.  It's a very different take on potted plants and for a small flat, it adds some greenery on the wall without taking any floor space away.  I'd imagine this would be a nice idea for a gift too, instead of a bunch of flowers.  The larger frames are fairly pricey but the smaller ones are about the price of a bouquet - the small red one is 27 Euros.  For sale in Truffaut.

There was also an upside down pot.  I couldn't see how it worked but I think I'd just be too scared that the plant would fall out onto the floor spilling soil everywhere to have one of these in my home, or that the water woudl drip down as the plant was watered,
although it is very unusual
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