vendredi 25 novembre 2011

Winter pot

Here's a pot that I did today as part of a garden overhaul for a client in 19th arr in Paris.  My client is going to decorate her entrance hall, with a glass door, in a tasteful gold and purple William Morris type print wallpaper.  The doors are also a dull shade of plum.

I saw these purple pots in Truffaut and thought they were just the job to place matching ones either side of the door, welcoming you home in an entrance which does not get direct sunlight.  Add a skimmia rubella, an ivy for trailing and two tiny mid purple violas, I think this makes a really pretty display for winter.  I liked the slight clash of the red simmia and the pot. and it looked great in situ.  Luckily the client thought so too! 

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