lundi 5 septembre 2011

String Gardens

These are so cool and sculptural and kinda weird.  Take a look, they will do your head in!  I just wanted to keep saying 'how do you water them though, how do you water them?  Doesn't the water drip down everywhere and the plant dry out???  And what happens when there's a gust of wind or the string breaks?'  Tell me, please!  From me, Ms Practical!

3 commentaires:

  1. This makes some sense for orchids, many of which live high up in the tops if trees. But I'm unconvinced that this is a sustainable method for most houseplants.

  2. The watering method is simple and similar to what you would do with most orchids. Once or twice a week, give it a bath for 10 minutes, suspend and let it drain over the bowl and voila. Jean-Luc

  3. I was a bit unconvinced and worry about the dripping bit but they are really lovely photos and a new way of displaying plants. Who needs vases and flowerpots?!