samedi 27 août 2011

Tomato Tally

Here's our first tomato, which appeared in late July.  The crop has been really disappointing this year, no where near last year's bumper crop.  I still pick every day, but instead of a good bowl full, I'm lucky to get more than 10 tomatoes a day.  I was even considering buying some today so I can make a tomato salad for dinner tonight.  I planted mine at the usual time and my neigbour who planted early (May), his crop is over  now.  I'm hoping mine will go on well into September, we'll see.

Here's a lovely tomato salad recipe:

2kg tomatoes (mixed types, some large, some small, different colours work well)
1 'gousse' of garlic
4 fresh spring onions
flat parsley leaves
5 dessert spoonfulls of olive oil
3 ds of red wine vinegar

Wash toms, dry, cut into rounds, put in seive and add some salt, leave to drain 30 mins.  Peel garlic and onions, press garlic and chop onions small, put in a salad bowl with olive oil, vinegar, pepper and parsley.  Add tomatoes, mix, serve freshly made.

Good with fish or meat

Apologies if I've infringed someone's copyright.  I cut this receipe out of a French Sunday supplement a few years ago and have been using the recipe ever since.  Enjoy!

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