mardi 4 janvier 2011

How to Dispose of your Christmas tree ecologically?

Ok, so you've chosen your natural tree.  It's nearly 12th night so you'll be thinking about taking it down (maybe this weekend when you have a moment to spare?)  Do you want to leave it in the road alongside hundreds of others waiting sadly for the dustbin men?  Or would you like to dispose of it in a meaningful way that helps the environment?

I know your answer, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this blog!

Here's some eco friendly tips for disposing of your Christmas greenery:- (not sure about the tips to make it a habitation for fish or 'modify it to make a bird feeder', but the others are good when there's goodness going back into the earth.

and here's a good link

- Some great suggestions including recycling some of the branches to make decorations to keep the house looking green and they also have a tip about using it as a habitation for squirrels and birds.  Suppose it depends on how much you want to encourage animals to set up home in your garden and if your space is large enough to dedicate such a corner.

Mainly though, it does show that with a bit of effort you don't have to make your much admired tree do the wait of shame on the pavement, you can give it a more dignified (and useful) exit from your home!

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