mercredi 11 août 2010

Well done Starbucks!

I was surprised to see that my local Starbucks branch was giving away stuff!  There was a basket of bags full of used coffee grains for anyone who wanted to take them for use as fertilizer on their plants.  I took two bags - one for a friend and I emptied the other one in my compost bin.  Coffee grains are great for making compost so THANK YOU Starbucks - great ecological idea!

2 commentaires:

  1. Hi Claire, I too have seen this and have been tempted to take some grounds (or use my own) in my potted plants. I am unsure of though whether it is good for all plants or if it is too acidic. Do you know? I have many house plants and lots of potted plants on a terrace (some of which look like they need help!). Thanks, Maureen (fellow MESSAGE member)

  2. Hi Maureen, great to hear from you! Coffee grains are fine for all plants. It's a great time to feed your inside and outside plants; buy some compost (maybe a small bag of horse poo or organic compost for outside) and a specialist inside compost addition specifically designed to enrich the indoor soil, mix in the grains, add to the top of the pot and mix gently into the topsoil.

    Potted plants (whether inside or out) need you to give them all the nutrients they need as they can't get them themselves from the soil. Maybe that's why your plants are looking a bit sad? Good luck!