mardi 15 juin 2010

Shopping in 7éme

I had a chance to stroll in the 7th arr today. I found quite a few things that interested the gardener in me:

This cute '50-60's inspired chair and table combo caught my eye. The magnificent display in the flower shop 'Rosa Luna' made me catch my breath, particularly thinking about the amount of work needed each day to produce such a beautiful tableau. In the Conran Shop on the rue du Bac I spotted this attractive and neat herb grower - you put the soil in the bottom and it remains hidden (great if you have little fingers that like playing with soil given half the chance in your house). You water through the spout at the side. It cost 40 Euros and would produce an attractive display of herbs in the living room or kitchen. I particularly loved the summer themed wooden parasols suspended from the ceiling.

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